Reduce the Risk of Breakdowns & Save Money on Running Costs with a Regular Servicing Plan

Precision can save you costs on expensive repairs and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns by providing a detailed servicing schedule and preventative maintenance report.

By having an air-conditioning system that is operating smoothly, you can reduce the cost of running. Precision will also help identify any issues that might arise in the future and fix your system before a breakdown may occur. 

Request a quote and discover how easy it is to keep your business running with Precision Air-conditioning & Refrigeration

Committed to Keeping Your Home Comfortable & Healthy

At Precision Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration we understand the importance of making sure your most-prized assets is comfortable, livable and most importantly a place you can call home. Having been a favourite choice for Melbourne residents, Precision Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration have delivered high-quality solutions for over 10 years.

Just like a vehicle your air-conditioning has many different moving components, often operating in dusty environments your systems are subject to a heavy level of wear and tear. By engaging Precision Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration as your servicing and maintenance provider you can expect the following benefits for your systems. 

Servicing for air-conditioning & refrigeration Melbourne
  • Commercial Air-conditioning and refrigeration Melbourne

    A prolonged life out of your system

  • Commercial Air-conditioning and refrigeration Melbourne

    Reduced overall running costs

  • Commercial Air-conditioning and refrigeration Melbourne

    Be aware of potential problems well before they occur

  • Commercial Air-conditioning and refrigeration Melbourne

    Reduced breakdowns and downtime

  • Melbourne's best Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Service Providers

    Back-up systems if your system breaks down

  • Melbourne's best Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Service Providers

    Detailed analysis of your systems after each service

  • Melbourne's best Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Service Providers

    The same technician working on your systems each time

Book a consultation with Precision Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration and start having peace at mind that your system is being looked after by Melbourne’s servicing & preventative maintenance specialists.

What to Look for in an Air-Conditioning
& Refrigeration Specialist

When it comes to choosing your air-conditioning and refrigeration supplier there are a number of things to consider. The most important being are they certified to carry out the work on your property?

Commercial Air-Conditioning Specialists Melbourne Central

To install your systems your provider must have the following certifications. 

  • Commercial Air-conditioning and refrigeration Melbourne

    ARC Tick
    The tick identifies a business or individual as being authorised to install, service and repair fridges, freezers and air conditioners

  • Commercial Air-conditioning and refrigeration Melbourne

    Energy Safe Victoria
    This certifies that your technician is legally allowed to work with electricity & gas

  • Commercial Air-conditioning and refrigeration Melbourne

    Your Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration technician needs to be a registered plumber with the Victorian Building Authority

If your technician does not have any of these certifications they are not legally allowed to carry out any work on your property, Always ask for their certifications before engaging any work. 

Is Your Air-Conditioning Unit Ready for Summer?

Let’s face it 2020 has been a long year and your Air-Conditioning systems have most likely been running more heavily than they have in the past. With a warm summer approaching, the question is, When was the Last time your air-conditioning system was serviced? 

We understand it’s not your area of expertise, that’s why we have created this handy checklist so you can check at home for your self. 

Don’t take the risk of your Air-Conditioning breaking down or running inefficiently, download our easy to use guide and enjoy a beautiful Melbourne Summer.   

Best Advice for Air-Conditioning Repairrs Melbourne

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