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Precision Air-Conditioning are committed to taking on the difficult tasks and
take great pride in finding solutions to the projects that others won’t take on.
Precision Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration are known for getting the longest
life out your businesses assets and saving existing systems.

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Delivering Over 10 Years of Quality Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Installation & Maintenance

With over 10 years experience in delivering quality solutions for a variety applications. Precision Air-Conditioning & refrigeration have delivered quality air-conditioning & refrigeration across a wide range of projects, from shop and hospitality displays to large pharmaceutical solutions.
No Project is too big or too small.

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Reliable Advice that Extends the Life of Your Systems & Saves Ongoing Costs

Precision Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration are here to take the guessing game out of your air-conditioning & refrigeration solutions
 Encompassing a strong focus on building on-going relationships with our clients, Precision Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration provide a  detailed consultation process to identify your current needs and those for the future of your home or business. 

Offering complete transparency, Precision Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration provide their clients with a range of options and a detailed report explaining the pros & cons of each installation offering. Rest easy knowing Precision have your businesses best interests at heart. 

By partnering with Precision Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration we can promise you. 

  • Commercial Air-conditioning and refrigeration Melbourne

    Fast and timely response to urgent repairs and installs

  • Commercial Air-conditioning and refrigeration Melbourne

    A detailed service & maitainence schedule to eleminate breakdowns and increase the life of your systems

  • Commercial Air-conditioning and refrigeration Melbourne

    Detailed& clear communication throughout the on-going relationship

  • Commercial Air-conditioning and refrigeration Melbourne

    Provide detailed reports outlining the effectiveness of each solution and provide recommendations for future servicing requirements

  • Strengthen our relationship and work with you to understand your needs now and into the future.

Learn more why Precision Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration is the logical solutions for your next project. 

Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration for a wide range of industries

Highly Experienced in a
Range of Applications

Extremely High-Quality Workmanship Guaranteed

Extremely High-Quality
Workmanship Guaranteed

Two-Year Warranty on all airconditioning and refrigeration installations

36-Month Warranty
on all Installations

Fast & Efficient Air-conditioning providers

24 Hour turn around on emergency repairs & installations

Melbourne's Best Air-Conditioning & Servicing Providers

Discover how to get the most out of Your Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems

We know that running a business has it’s challenges, ensuring that you running a profitable operation with minimal disruptions are always at the top of your priorities.

This informative guide teaches you 10 things you can do to save operating costs and eliminate repairs & breakdowns. 

Download our free eBook and discover how to prolong the life of your system and save on expenses. 

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We Understand the Important Role that Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Plays in Your Business

At Precision Air-Conditioning & refrigeration we pride ourselves on providing you with the best advice to finding the correct solution for your property. For each project we undertake we provide our clients with a detailed report outlining a number of solutions you can implement.
This includes a detailed due-dilligence report explaining the benefits and cons of each application.

Working with you we seek to find the most cost effective solution for ensuring a long life for your air-conditioning & refrigeration equipment.

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