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Precision Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration have more than 10 years’ experience installing, servicing and replacing every type of air conditioning or refrigeration unit. Whether you are looking for a unit for your own home or for a commercial business, we have the answers.  


Reverse cycle means the air conditioning system can both cool and heat your home or business. They are a very efficient and economical way of heating and cooling. Find out more about how a reverse cycle air-conditioner can benefit your home.

Most air conditioning systems these days are of inverter type. Inverter air conditioners use a variable frequency drive to control the speed of the motor thus in turn the compressor. When the cooling demand is met the compressor will slow down, in return reducing running costs.

Inverter air conditioners reach the desired room temperature faster, and then constantly adjust to maintain perfect comfort. This makes them more economical to operate and quieter to run than fixed speed units, but need to be correctly sized.

  • During hot weather, turn your air conditioner on early rather than working it harder once your home warms up.
  • Adjust the louvres on split system air conditioners so they disperse air downwards when heating and upwards when cooling.
  • Clean the air filter regularly.
  • Check the energy star labels on your air conditioner – the more stars, the more energy efficient.
  • Upgrade to a newer high efficiency air conditioning unit. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), every dollar invested in energy efficiency can produce a double or triple return on investment. Upgrading to high efficiency equipment can pay for itself in a surprisingly short period of time.

Click here for more great ways to save money on your cooling bills this summer.  

Whether you have a gas heater or a split system, they should be serviced once a year. Gas heaters need to be checked for any carbon monoxide and that the fan and filters are in good working condition. Servicing your unit will help prolong its life and will help prevent breakdowns.

Your air-conditioning system works best when turned on during the coolest part of the day, which normally is in the morning. This is because the house will naturally be cooler at this time of day and the system won’t need to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature. In contrast, if your air-conditioner is turned on while it is hot outside it will take longer for your home to cool down, and your unit will consume more electricity as a result. If it is going to be a hot few days, it may be best to either turn your air-conditioner on early each morning or to leave it running during the entire heatwave.

The best thing you can do to prolong the life of your system is to have it regularly serviced by a professional. In addition, here are a few tips for easy things you can do to avoid costly air conditioning repair:

  • Keep leaves and debris from collecting around your outdoor air conditioning unit. This simple action prevents dirt from clogging up your system, and keeps airflow paths clear.
  • When arranging furniture layouts, carpeting installations and unit locations, make sure air grills and ductwork are not blocked or have any near obstructions that could affect airflow, as this will cause the unit to work harder to reach the desired settings.
  • Use blinds and shades on west and south facing windows to keep out heat in the summer months

Evaporative cooling works by drawing outside air and onto the pads that have been wet by fresh water. For evaporative cooling to work, either windows or doors must be opened to move the hot stale air inside the house and replace it with cool fresh air. If there are no or not enough windows or doors open, the hot air inside the house will cause condensation to occur.

To help solve this problem, turn the pump off, place the fan on high, open up a few windows/doors and allow the condensation to evaporate. After 1–3 hours you will then be able to turn the pump back on without the condensation occuring. The only other thing to note is that condensation will also occur when humidity levels are high. Again, leaving the unit on the fan only mode will prevent from condensation occurring.

Regardless of the type of air-conditoning system your home or business is using, it is important to have it regularly serviced. We recommend having your unit looked at once every 12 months to prevent costly breakdowns and to prolong the life of your unit. 

A regular service can not only save you money but can also have a positive impact on the health of you and your family. Here are some more reasons to maintain a regular service record. 

All air conditioning systems that Precision Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration sell come with at least a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and a Precision 3-year installation warranty.

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The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) administers refrigerant handling licences and refrigeration trading authorisations to air conditioning companies on behalf of the Australian Government. Their aim is to help protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from refrigerants. Precision Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration is an authorised ARC business, plus our air conditioning technicians are all fully licensed and insured. Find out how to check for an ARC license here. 

A fridge or freezer that needs recharging of refrigerant on a regular basis is leaking and needs repair. Leaking refrigerant not only causes your unit to lose cooling capacity and use more energy, it’s also very bad for the environment.

Refrigerant gases released into the atmosphere are one of the worst culprits in depleting the ozone layer.

Be sure to choose a service provider that uses the latest technology to find refrigerant leaks, since the old methods are very time consuming and will cost you more money.

Your fridge or freezer should be serviced at least once a year to ensure there are no refrigerant leaks or electrical faults. 

Having your unit serviced regularly will help prolong its life and prevent expensive breakdowns. 

The most important difference is that commercial units are designed to maintain the desired temperature even though they are in continual use. Explore more differences between domestic and commercial units in this article

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