When To Service Your Office Air-Conditioning


Office life is busy. We get it. And, your office air-conditioning – that quiet workhorse on the wall, on your roof, or at the back of the building, is often forgotten. That is, until it’s a stinking hot day and it fails, and your staff become miserable, complaining in the heat. It happens.

The way to prevent such a miserable disaster and potential money drain is to look after your air-conditioning system with regular servicing. 

Servicing your office air conditioning is not just about ensuring comfort; it’s about safeguarding the health and productivity of your workforce and optimising your operational costs.

Why you need to service your office air conditioning

It’s tempting to neglect that workhorse (your air conditioning). It’s ticking along nicely. So what if it fails – we’ll fix it if and when it does. 

Servicing your air conditioning will cost you less in the long run. Maintaining an efficient system is a better option – fiscally, than fixing or replacing a neglected one. 

It’s also beneficial for:

  1. Air Quality: Regular maintenance of air conditioning units ensures that the air in your office is free from dust, allergens, and other pollutants. 
  2. Energy Efficiency: Dirty or faulty parts can cause a system to work harder, increasing energy consumption and higher utility bills. 
  3. Extended Lifespan of the Unit: Regular maintenance prevents minor issues from developing into major problems that can be costly to repair.
  4. Consistent Comfort
  5. Preventing Breakdowns and Disruptions: Regular servicing is a proactive approach that can prevent sudden breakdowns and contribute to disruption in your office

What if you’re unsure whether your office air-conditioning is on the fritz or in need of a service? Well, here’s what to look out for…

How to tell when your office air conditioning needs servicing

Here are some signs that can identify your air conditioning needs a service:

  1. A decrease in airflow or efficiency
  2. Unusual noises like buzzing, rattling or grinding
  3. Unpleasant odours
  4. Increased energy costs 

If you notice any of the above in your office, there’s a good chance your air conditioner needs a service.

How to choose a contractor to service your office air conditioning

There are cowboys out there, and it’s essential you select a reputable air conditioning & refrigeration specialist to help prevent any damage, faults and downtime in your office. 

Check the contractor:

✔ is licensed and certified for work on HVAC systems. For Australia, this includes certification from ARC, Energy Safe Victoria and the VBA.

✔ they have experience behind them

✔ they have third-party reviews 

✔ they provide a detailed estimate/quote

✔ they provide substantial warranties

As air-conditioning experts, we are proud to have a 5-star rating on Google, provide a 36-month warranty on all installations, deliver a fast turnaround and supply all of the necessary certifications to meet Victoria’s statewide requirements. 

If your office is in need of a new air conditioning system, or it looks like the old one could do with a service, get in the experts.


Find out more here, or give us a call 1300 306 847 

Need More Help?

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